Coming to Aarhus is no problem

National and international train connections, highways, national and Scandinavian ferry connections and several airports are within the range of Aarhus.

The Venue address is:

Ceres Park & Arena
Stadion Allé 70
8000 Aarhus

Three airports are within a very short distance:

Aarhus/Tirstrup, Billund Airport and Aalborg Airport. 

Within reasonable driving range, Copenhagen Airport, and even Hamburg in Germany, are also great airports for coming to Aarhus. 

If your flight is destined for Copenhagen, please be aware that domestic flights between Copenhagen and Aarhus/Tirstrup can be very cheap when booked well in advance.

Both from Aarhus and Billund Airport the airport shuttle bus drives regularly to Aarhus, and it is only a fairly short trip.

Order Shuttle Service here.

Ceres Arena