to Danish International Dancefestival - Aarhus


WDSF PD World Championship standard

WDSF PD latin Open

WDSF Youth Open standard

WDSF Rising Star Open Latin

WDSF Junior II Open standard

WDSF Senior III + IV standard


WDSF World Championship standard

WDSF International Open latin

WDSF Youth Open latin

WDSF Rising Star Open Standard

WDSF Junior II Open latin

WDSF Senior II standard


WDSF World Open standard

WDSF Youth Open 10-dance

WDSF Junior II Open 10-dance

WDSF Senior I standard

Prize money: € 40,000

Judges from 25 different countries

As known from GOC • Playing all 3 days

Entry now Open

Training Camp after the competition - click here!